The PArtnerise


The first step toward collaboration is
the first step to success.
No one ever rises alone.
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relationship over TRANSACTIONs

Meaningful growth happens when you transform transactions into relationships.

The key is building win-win relationships – but that takes time & money – especially when entering a new market locally or even more so in markets overseas, where you have few contacts, trust equity and knowledge of the channels.

We help companies expand their business, locally or internationally and offer consultancy services for business development, high growth sales strategy and business scaling.

no man is an island

To fly solo and plot your own path is truly commendable but there are few practical examples where that success is sustainable. You need  partners, smart hires, advisers, mentors and even stories of people who have done it before. You can only maximise your strengths and where you fall short, you need others’ strengths to create something truly amazing. Your customers deserve amazing.

The Partnerise way

At Partnerise we are energised by creating and developing business relationships that depend on collaboration, transparency, flexibility and trust. Rather than out-dated business relationships where companies simply buy transactions or services from suppliers. Partnerise relationships instead focuses on buying and selling mutually beneficial results.

We are passionate about:

  • identifying key needs or specific problems and finding unique products or services that solve them in a smart innovative way

  • supporting new businesses and brands as they enter unchartered waters

  • bringing new technology via cutting edge products or services to markets around the world that have not yet hit the trend

  • working with bright entrepreneurs to take their business across the world and drive development and growth in the local economy from exports

  • building unique and disruptive business models to stimulate growth